How to Make Your Home Comfortable Using Foam

Foam is so extensively used in today’s world that it has become indispensable. And it is no different here in Canada. The use of <a href=””>polyurethane foam in Canada</a> is even more important because of the very cold weather experienced here. Be it in your home, in your car or in your boat, it is everywhere in its varying forms. Here is a look at how foam is used in your house to make your life comfortable.

Foam is the most common filling used in household furniture such as seat cushions, seatbacks and couches. The important factor here is to choose the right type of foam to make your couch extra comfortable such as using high density foam for seat cushions and low density foam for seatbacks. To learn more about selecting the right type of foam visit <a href=””></a> which gives comprehensive details on the use of polyurethane foam in Canada.

For outdoor use it is best to use <a href=””>closed cell foam in Canada</a> like dry fast foam as it is fast drying. It is ideal for the wet weather in Canada, making it the ideal upholstering material for patio furniture. This is also ideal for use on boats for use as boat cushioning.

Bedding and mattresses

One of the most luxurious mattresses in the market today is the king size memory foam mattress, which is high density open-cell foam with viscoelastic properties which molds itself to the contours of your body ensuring a restful sleep in addition to providing many other health benefits. For utmost comfort invest in a king size memory foam mattress from

Foam is used as a stuffing for pillows and this is recommended by doctors especially for sufferers of allergic conditions such as asthma, as they are washable. They also provide firm neck support.


Using spray in foam insulation will ensure that your house will retain heat during winter and stay cool during the summer months by preventing any leakages within the house. Spray in foam insulation is available as half-pound open-cell foam and higher density two-pound closed cell foam in Canada, which acts as a unique air and moisture barrier.
With a spray in foam insulation you will be saving money on your heating and cooling bills because of the lack of wastage of energy.


Low density flexible polyurethane foam in Canada is used to cover exposed pipes in the basement to prevent any injury which can be caused by accidentally knocking on them especially children.

Foam is used as cot bumpers to provide safety to infants.
Outdoor use
The features of dry fast foam make it ideal to be used on outdoor patio furniture as well as on boats for a long lasting solution.

Sound proofing

Acoustic foam is used to prevent any unwanted noise entering or exiting your house. This is especially useful for houses situated close to freeways. This is also used in home studios to enhance the acoustic quality.

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