How to choose display showcases for your business?

Display cases play and integral role in retail sales. If you are looking for display showcases for your business or display furniture pieces for your home, you are in luck. There are many useful products including pre-assembled units as well as open rack units that cater to your specific needs and are available right now to purchase online. Let’s explore together to see what types of products will satisfy your need.

Display cases: These pieces come with full, half and quarter vision options. Full vision that contains glass on the entire frontage down to the base gives full visibility to the viewer. Half vision contains glass on the top half and quarter vision display provides limited visibility and display possibilities. Display cases that provide movability could give you the maximum benefit allowing you to capture the best view of your products. Look for best lighting opportunities depending on what you want to display. Checkout the 48in Extra Vision With Lock display units marketed by

Display counter cabinets: These come with front panel of glass or countertop model that allow full customer visibility and inspection, and easy to keep an eye on displayed products such as expensive jewelry. Among all store fixtures, these units give the maximum visibility to the customer. Also, these are perfect for limited display spaces and come with locks for added security and safety.

Stationary gridwall panels: These are multi-shelves that lineup along walls allowing maximum customer mobility within the retail space. There are plenty of options and shelving to complement your d├ęcor. Visit for their offerings and to compare pricing.

Trophy and tower displays: These taller display cases offer open shelving or glass covered display areas. Normally height can be adjusted to fit your needs. Used for display of trophies, awards, artwork, figurines and similar uses and offer movability compared gridwall panels.

Free standing display: These units include greeting card racks, four way units, Gondola shelving, tower displays and many others that provide 360 degree viewing. They can be purchased with enclosed glass or as open displays depending on your need. They are easy to relocate depending on the store traffic flow and allow you to capture the eye of the customer. Visit for a wide range of available free standing display units.

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