How to Buy a Foam Replacement Mattress?

Everyone spend about third of their lifetime on a bed. Quality of your sleep depends on it. So, why not pay attention to buying a mattress for your bed or boat mattress replacement? A wide range of mattress replacement products are available in the market for you to choose from. Before rushing to a mattress store or go online, consider the following so you may not end up with a wrong foam mattress replacement for your bed.

1. Know when to replace your mattress. If your existing mattress makes noise, a valley has been formed around the section where you normally sleep, edges show signs of wear and tear, the current mattress is more than seven to ten years old, and you are experiencing consistent back pain, it is time for a mattress replacement.

Fit. Mattress is usually designed to work with its companion foundation. A mismatch between the two could compromise your comfort and support. Safety standards implemented by the Federal and state governments may change over time. For yours as well as your family safety, it is important to replace both the mattress and foundation at the same time even though your old foundation may not have damages. Pay attention to the frame size that you have when buying a new foundation and mattress replacement.

Comfort, support and durability. The most important factors. Comfort is an individual preference. Your goal is to buy the most comfortable and durable mattress replacement that supports your body. Your bed support system should complement the comfort you are looking for.

Material. Replacements are available in different makes and models including pillow top, plush, firm and Foam Replacement. Memory foam has been getting attention lately as the choice of material. It is made of polyurethane foam sheets added with chemicals to increase its density and viscosity. The higher density reacts to body temperature and slowly adapt to your body shape. Visit to see a wide range of available mattress replacements including boat mattress replacement.

2. Price. Internet is a valuable tool to compare prices. Check out more affordable prices offered by

3. Warranty. Warranty protects you from manufacturing defects and doesn’t include normal wear and tear. Still you need to pay attention to the warranty that comes with the mattress.

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