Foam in Canada – 2 Types You’ve Got to Have

If you’re a homeowner, foam in Canada might be one of the last things you think about – until you realize that you really need it.
If you call Canada home, there are two types of foam that you really need. These two types have little in common with each other, but they’re both vitally important!

1. Polystyrene insulation
Unfortunately, here in Canada, we don’t get to enjoy warm temperatures all year long. So, if you’ve got a hot tub in your backyard, you’re going to have to cover it up when Mother Nature decides to make things frigid.
The best way to do it is with polystyrene insulation.

Even though it’s a lightweight foam, it will completely protect your hot tub from the elements. That way, all of that hot water inside your tub won’t be ruined by the freezing temperatures outside! So, if you decide to take a plunge, you’ll be able to take advantage of hot, steamy water anytime you want.

As an added benefit, polystyrene insulation is light enough that it’s easy to lift up and down. That way, you can take a quick dip anytime you want, without having a major struggle with your hot tub cover.
Luckily, a good retailer will be able to cut your polystyrene insulation to any size that you need. So, whether your hot tub is big or small, you’ll be covered – literally!

2. Acoustic foam panels
If you’re hoping to become part of Canada’s vibrant live music scene one day – but have to settle for playing in your own home for now – you’ve got to do something to keep from driving your neighbors insane.

The only way to do it effectively is with acoustic foam panels.

A good retailer will have as many panels as you can imagine. That way, you can customize your band’s practice room based on your budget or your noise level.
For example, wedge-shaped acoustic foam panels will give you basic soundproofing, while egg-crate-shaped foam panels offer a more budget-friendly option. And, if you really want to contain your noise, you can even opt for drop ceiling tiles, so that sound can’t escape from any angle!
Consider acoustic foam panels to be an investment in your future. Without them, your neighbors might spend so much time complaining about the noise that you may never get any solid practice time in!

When you think about it that way, it’s hard to think of any type of foam in Canada being MORE important, huh?

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