Display Cases – Just How Important Are They in Your Store

If you hate some of the cheesy promises you see for “As Seen on TV” products, you’re not alone. Some of the products are downright ridiculous! However, some of them also work wonders.

Here are 4 “As Seen on TV” products that you can count on to be good:

1. As Seen on TV Grass Seed

Hate when you’ve got dead patches in your backyard? The solution can be found right on your TV! With the As Seen on TV Grass Seed called “Patch Perfect”, you can cover up dead patches quickly and easily. No matter what kind of conditions you’re dealing with – like a shaded area or an area where Fido likes to do his “business”, making it hard for grass to grow – Patch Perfect can handle it. That’s because this As Seen on TV Grass Seed is made with super fertilizers special ingredients that retain water. That way, the grass can grow anywhere – and fast!

2. A Chia Pet

Maybe your Green Thumb isn’t so great. Or, maybe your kids have shown an interest in gardening, but you don’t want them to tackle the landscaping just yet. That’s where a Chia Pet comes in! With a little bit of water and TLC, these fun little plants can grow anywhere – inside or out. As an added benefit, they come in all kinds of fun shapes – from a cow to President Obama.

3. The Grill Daddy

If you love to grill things – but hate the mess that’s left behind – you need the Grill Daddy. It’s a sturdy stainless steel brush that also releases steam. That way, you can use the power of steam to loosen the grime and grit left behind on your barbecue grates, then use the stainless steel brush to scrub them away. After all, when you have gunk that won’t come off of your grill grates, it affects the flavor of everything you cook. But with the Grill Daddy, your barbecue will be as clean as the day you got it!

4. Shoe Organizers

Let’s face it – most closets just aren’t big enough to hold all of our shoes! But with the shoe organizers you see on TV, you can buy all of the shoes you want, without worrying about where to store them all. These shoe organizers hang right on your closet door. And, as an added benefit, they’re made of clear plastic – so your shoes will be protected from dust, but it will still be easy to see which shoes are where!

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