Comparison between memory foam and latex foam mattresses

What is latex? It is a natural product derived from the rubber tree, a tree extensively cultivated in Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. It is the sap milked from the tree which is later processed in to <strong>natural latex mattresses</strong> along with many other products.

Memory foam, also known as visco-elastic polyurethane foam, is manufactured from polyurethane and chemicals which enhances its viscosity level thereby increasing the product’s density which is more than five times denser than the standard foam.

These are some of the differences between the polyurethane foam mattresses and natural latex mattresses you can take in to consideration when deciding which mattress will meet your particular needs.

The visco-elastic polyurethane foam mattresses or the memory foam mattress molds itself to the contour of your body easing the pressure placed on your joints. The flexibility of the foam varies depending on the heat. It is firmer in cool climates while becoming pliable in the heat. That means the foam has to absorb the heat for it to mold itself which means you will not be comfortable as soon as you lie down to sleep and will be uncomfortable to change positions as the mattress takes time to spring back in to shape unlike the natural latex mattress.

A latex mattress on the other hand has the ability to shape itself according to your body type immediately and when you toss and turn it will spring back in to shape immediately. Natural latex mattress will provide superior back and neck support.
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Polyurethane foam mattresses, especially memory foam are manufactured using chemicals and can cause allergic reactions to allergy prone people whereas the natural latex is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-micro-bial and dust mite resistant making this the preferred choice for people with allergic conditions like asthma.

This greatly depends on the quality of the mattress; a memory foam mattress with a higher density lasts longer than one with a lower density. Comparatively both memory foam and latex mattresses are both long lasting with no significant difference.

The feel of the mattress
If you prefer a soft springy feel the choice should be natural latex mattress whereas memory foam is ideal for a person who prefers a more solid feel.

A good quality memory foam mattress will cost the same as a latex mattress, but generally a latex mattress will be slightly more expensive. <a href=””>Canada foam by mail</a> offers mattresses at low prices.

The latex mattresses tend to be heavier then memory foam making it harder to move.

Both types of mattress are superior in their own right and will provide you with a good night’s sleep; the choice is yours depending on your personal preferences.

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