Artificial Turf – 4 Things You Need to Know about It

If you watch video clips of sporting events from decades ago, you might think that synthetic grass is really dangerous. After all ,the fake grass of old was made up of a hard surface that wasn’t particularly kind to muscles, ligaments, and joints. However, times have changed.

Synthetic grass manufacturers have been hard at work over the years, coming up with products that don’t just look good – but feel good on your body, too.

The result?

Today’s synthetic grass is actually safer than real grass!
Here’s why an artificial turf lawn is so safe:

1.It comes with infill

Infill is a fancy name for the sand or tiny pieces of rubber that are used to mimic real soil. In fact, when you see people run around on synthetic grass and you see little pieces of “dirt” fly up, you’re actually seeing infill.
How does it help?

Infill provides cushioning for your artificial turf lawn. That way, every time you take a step, you’re not coming down on a hard surface. Instead, the infill will be there for added support.

When you have infill in your fake grass, it makes it easier for you to land – whether you’re a football player getting tackled, a little kid who likes to run and jump all over the place, or just someone who likes to run around in the grass. You won’t have to worry about getting bruises or suffering pain in your joints when you land on your fake lawn.

2. It is completely flat

You might think that real grass is flat, but if you look closely, you’ll see a whole different story. Because it’s made by Mother Nature, instead of in a factory, real grass has all kinds of small peaks and valleys in it. They may not be particularly noticeable at a glance, but they can be just high or low enough to be a real tripping hazard.

On the other hand, when you have a fake lawn, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Manufacturers make synthetic grass so that it’s completely flat – so that you’re less likely to trip on it.

3.It stays cool

Today’s fake grass is specially-crafted to stay cool – even if it’s sitting out in the scorching sun. That way, you don’t have to worry about getting burned while you’re out rough-housing in the yard. It’s just another way that synthetic grass manufacturers are keeping you safer!

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