Artificial Grass Prices — How to Tell if Your Investment is Money Well-Spent

Artificial grass prices can vary — a lot. That’s why it’s so important to find a manufacturer that gives you a great deal. But a great deal comes down to more than just dollars and cents. If your manufacturer’s artificial grass prices don’t come with these 4 things, you’re not getting the most bang for your buck:

1. A great warranty

Just like any other big purchase, you want to know that you have some kind of protection. That’s why the good artificial grass manufacturers will give you a good warranty. If you’re dealing with a quality artificial lawn, the odds are slim that you’ll ever actually have to use it. However, it’s nice to know it’s there if you ever do need it.

2. Fake lawn grass that meets your exact needs

If you simply want to replace your natural grass lawn with an artificial lawn, you don’t need to buy turf that’s designed for a football stadium. After all, athletic turf needs to be able to withstand a whole lot of activity, so athletic artificial grass prices are going to be much higher. If that’s the only type of turf your manufacturer can sell you, you’re spending way more money than you need to!

Ideally, your artificial grass manufacturer will have a variety of turf to choose from. That way, if your lawn doesn’t get much foot traffic, you won’t have to pay for turf that’s designed to take a beating.

3. A long life

Artificial grass prices are higher than what you would spend on sod or grass seed. However, your fake lawn grass is going to last a whole lot longer than that natural grass!

How long are we talking?

An artificial lawn should last at least 20 years. And, during that time, your fake lawn grass should look just as good as the day you installed it! Considering that you’ll probably need to replace that sod or seed in a couple of years, it’s easy to see that artificial grass can actually save you money in the long run!

4. Installation help

If you’re dealing with a less-than-honest artificial lawn manufacturer, they’ll probably insist that you hire them to install your new turf. If that’s the case, you certainly won’t be able to get any free installation tips from them!

However, if you’re working with a quality artificial grass company, they’ll be happy to give you free installation help. That way, you can install everything yourself — without spending extra money to hire someone.

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