Artificial Grass – Is It Good Enough for Your Backyard

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to have a beautiful back yard?

Does the thought of doing yard work every weekend make you cringe?

Artificial grass can make your backyard look better, while saving you valuable time and money. If you’re afraid that an artificial lawn won’t be a good addition to your home, here are 4 reasons why you don’t need to worry:

1. Artificial grass doesn’t look so “artificial” anymore
That old, fake-looking, neon artificial turf of decades gone by is a thing of the past. Thanks to hard work by artificial grass manufacturers, your artificial lawn will look just as green and plush as your neighbor’s “real” yard does. That’s because today’s artificial grass uses a special blade-focused design – so it doesn’t look rug-like, like the synthetic turf of old.

Plus, you can get an artificial lawn with infill in it. Infill is tiny pieces of sand or ground-up rubber that are used to mimic real dirt. That way, your yard will feel real, too. And, as an added benefit, infill helps each blade of artificial grass stand up taller, so that it looks even more authentic.

2. Synthetic turf isn’t just for football stadiums anymore
If you’re afraid that you’re going to be the only house in the neighborhood with an artificial lawn, don’t be.

Because of the advancements made in the synthetic turf industry, it’s no longer just something that professional sports stadiums take advantage of. Synthetic grass is popping up in backyards all over the world. You probably haven’t noticed it, though, because it looks so realistic!

3. An artificial lawn is designed to hold its own against the elements

When you have synthetic grass, you don’t have to worry about that freak snowstorm, that long drought, or those record-high temperatures destroying your yard. No matter what Mother Nature throws at you, your artificial lawn will always look as green and plush as the day you installed it.

4. Artificial grass is a one-time expense

Unlike that sod or grass seed yard, your artificial lawn will never need any kind of maintenance. Once it’s installed, synthetic grass doesn’t require any additional work or expense on your part. That’s because it never needs to be cut, watered, or fertilized. You’ll never need to replace patches of it after a nasty winter or a scorching summer. Instead, you can spend your time and your money doing fun things in your backyard – instead of spending it all on lawn maintenance!

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