5 Things to Remember About Acrylic Displays

If you run a store, you can’t overlook the importance of acrylic displays. But if you want to make the most out of them, you’ll need to remember these 5 things:

1. Invisible is good

Unlike wire racks, acrylic is completely see-though — meaning it is just about as invisible as you can get. As a result, the focus sits squarely on your products — rather than on the thing holding them up. By making sure your customers don’t get distracted, you increase your odds of making more sales.

2. They give more power to your countertops

When you rely solely on display pieces like clothing hangers, you wind up with a lot of wasted counter space. Luckily, though, acrylic displays can go just about anywhere. In fact, they’re great for putting brochures on your counters — meaning you’ve just created a whole new way to market yourself!

3. Using different sizes will give you the best results
Luckily, acrylic displays come in all kinds of different sizes, so you can use them to show off products that are all different sizes. One acrylic piece may be perfect for your silk plant collection, while another is the perfect size for your bracelet collection.

The key is to find the perfect-sized acrylic displays for your products. If your products look cramped or lost in their displays, they’re going to look a whole lot less appealing to your customers!

4. Make unique shapes work to your advantage

Did you know that there are acrylic displays that are shaped like hands? That way, you can show customers exactly what they’ll look like when they’re wearing your ring collection! The more you can get customers to visualize how your products will look on them, the more likely they’ll be to actually buy them!

As great as wire racks may be, they can’t do that for you!

5. They’re not perfect for everything

As great as acrylic displays are, there are some things they just won’t work for. If you want to show off that great leather jacket or cocktail dress, you’ll need clothing hangers to do the job. In fact, the right clothing hangers can give off the same vibe that your hand-shaped acrylic displays do — by showing what the clothes look like standing upright.

Remember, your goal as a store owner is to make your products look as inviting as possible! Sometimes, that means using different display pieces to highlight different things.

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