4 Wholesale Clothing Ideas for Back to School

Making sure your kids look great at school this year doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Instead, take advantage of these 4 wholesale clothing ideas:

1. Wholesale jeans

Buying your kids’ jeans wholesale will make them look great — without burning a hole in your wallet. After all, if you were to head to the mall and buy jeans, you’d spend at least $50 or $75 on each pair! But when you buy jeans wholesale, you can get them for a fraction of that.
And, your kids won’t have to sacrifice the latest trends to save you some money. That’s because you can buy jeans wholesale in virtually every cut and wash you can imagine — from dark skinny jeans, to classic boyfriend jeans, to stonewashed boot-cut jeans.

2. Wholesale junior tops
If your teenage daughter is a fashionista-in-training, she’s going to want a lot of tops to choose from this school year. Your only option for filling her closet and not emptying your wallet? Buying junior tops wholesale.
Just like the jeans, wholesale junior tops come at affordable prices. In fact, most of them are sold as bundles — meaning you have to buy 4 or 5 of the same top to get the discount. That means buying junior tops wholesale is a great chance for your daughter to round up some of her same-sized friends and shop online. Just make sure they don’t all wear the tops on the same day. That would be a fashion nightmare!

3. Wholesale pants
Whether you’ve got a little boy or a little girl, you know how fast your little one outgrows clothes, tears them on the playground, and spills things on them in the cafeteria. Since your kids put their clothes through so much, it would be silly to pay those expensive “mall prices” for them. Instead, opt for wholesale pants!
On a quality website, you’ll be able to find wholesale pants in just about every color, style, and size. That way, your son will be able to look nice for the first day of school and your daughter will be able to look totally trendy.

4. Wholesale capris
In most parts of the country, the first day of school might mean the end of summer — but it can still take awhile for those summertime temperatures to disappear! If you’re looking for a trendy, affordable way for your kids to beat the heat while they wait for the school bus, buy them some wholesale capris.
After all, capris are popping up everywhere. Since they come in denim, khaki, and every fabric in between, they’ll fit nicely into any student’s style. They’re comfy and they’ll comply with virtually any school’s dress code. How can you beat that?!

All of the great clothes you want — at great wholesale prices — are waiting for you at www.apparelshowroom.com!

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