4 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Artificial Grass

If all you know about artificial grass is that some sports teams play on it, you’re really missing out. The truth is — wholesale artificial turf is becoming more and more common in backyards.


Because it comes with these 4 lesser-known benefits:

1. It will give you more free time

Hate getting up early on a Saturday morning to cut the grass? Wouldn’t it be nice to spend your weekends enjoying your yard, instead of slaving away at it? Well, when you’ve got artificial grass, you’ll get to do just that!

Unlike its natural counterpart, a synthetic lawn doesn’t grow, so you’ll never need to mow it. Synthetic grass never gets thirsty, either, so you won’t have to water it. And, since artificial grass isn’t a haven for bugs and weeds, you’ll never need to worry about putting fertilizer on it. Instead, all you have to do is get it installed — then never spend a second working on it again!

2. It won’t shy away from man’s best friend

Not sure if your synthetic lawn is a good place for Fido to do his business? When you’ve got quality artificial grass, it can handle everything that Fido does to it. The only thing you might have to do is hose off Fido’s favorite potty spot from time to time — but no matter how many times he relieves himself on your synthetic lawn, he won’t damage it.

3. It comes with a kick-butt warranty

Wholesale artificial turf doesn’t just come with great prices; it also comes with a great warranty! In fact, if you’re buying yours from a good manufacturer, you can expect your synthetic grass to have at least a 6 or 7 year warranty.

And, because you’re getting such a long warranty, that’s a sign that you can expect your synthetic grass to last a long time. Count on the good stuff lasting a couple of decades!

4. It just might be safer to play on than natural grass

Because it’s man-made, artificial grass doesn’t have the peaks and valleys that natural grass does — meaning you’re less likely to trip while you’re running on it.

If you want to boost the safety factor even more, get infill with your synthetic lawn. Infill is tiny pieces of rubber or sand that mimic real dirt and provide extra cushioning when you run around — meaning you won’t have to put as much stress on your joints.

Let the expert team at Artificial Turf Supply show you what artificial grass can do for you!

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