4 Powerful Ways to Show Off Your Products

Customers like it when shopping is easy. That’s why the right display pieces are so important. Create the right displays, and you eliminate the need to dig around or hunt for products – making customers much more likely to spend money with you!

For the very best displays, take advantage of these 4 tools:

1. Acrylic displays

Whether you sell jewelry, sunglasses, or picture frames, acrylic displays are incredibly versatile. They come in a near-endless array of shapes and sizes. That way, you can find the perfect display piece for practically everything in your store!

If you really want to get creative, opt for acrylic displays that are a little more original – like hand-shaped displays to show off your ring collection.

That way, it will be easier for customers to picture wearing the rings themselves – which makes them more likely to buy!

2. Clothing hangers

OK, this one might seem painfully obvious, but it’s also incredibly important! Clothing hangers are the best way to show off everything from blouses, to sweaters, to dresses, to pants. However, you can’t just settle for any ol’ clothing hangers. Instead, you need to match your hangers to your clothing.

For example, if you have a variety of spaghetti-strap tank tops for sale, a metal hanger isn’t going to help you show them off. Instead, the tank tops will slide right off – making a huge mess that no one’s going to want to dig through!

If you don’t choose your clothing hangers carefully, you’ll probably wind up with a whole bunch of un-sold merchandise!

3. Brochure holders

Brochures are a great way to get the word out about your products and services. For example, you might use a brochure to create a take-home menu for your restaurant, or you might make a brochure to show off all the features of your newest product. You might even use a brochure to show off a related company -as part of a joint venture.
However, if they’re not displayed the right way, brochures can be totally overlooked by your customers. That’s why you need sturdy brochure holders – to get your information up close and personal to your customers. With the right brochure holders, people won’t be able to avoid seeing your message!

4. A slatwall

If you don’t have a ton of floor space, that’s OK. There are still plenty of ways to showcase your products. One of the most effective is a slatwall – or a special wall covering that has slats in it. All you have to do is attach special fixtures to the slats, and you’ll be able to hang virtually anything from them!

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