4 Perks That Come with Your Artificial Grass Prices

If you were to simply go out and compare price tags, you’d see that artificial grass prices are higher than what you’d pay for sod or seed. However, that’s not really a smart way to shop. That’s because paying a little extra now for a quality artificial lawn can actually wind up saving you money in the end.

How is that possible?

When you pay those artificial grass prices, you’re actually getting these 4 perks in exchange — that you can’t get from sod or seed:

1. No replacement costs

Once your fake lawn grass is installed, you don’t have to worry about it. It won’t wilt in the summer or die in the winter. You won’t have to replace patches of it when spring rolls around or when that nasty drought keeps the rain at bay for months.

But when you buy sod or seed, you know it’s only going to last you for so long. If you’re lucky, it will make it a couple of years before you need to replace part or all of it. Now you’ve paid for your yard twice!

2. A long warranty

When’s the last time your sod or seed came with a warranty? But when you buy artificial grass from a quality manufacturer, you’ll get a warranty that lasts for years and years. That way, in case anything happens, your investment is covered.

If anything happens to your natural grass after you lay it down, you’re out of luck — and out the money!

3. A long life

Want to know why your fake lawn grass comes with such a long warranty? Because it has such a long life expectancy!
In fact, quality artificial grass can last at least two decades! Imagine not having to do any work on your yard — or giving any thought to your yard, except for enjoying it — for the next couple of decades. That alone can make artificial grass prices well worth the expense!

4. Lower water bills

This is one of the biggest ways that your artificial grass prices can save you money later!

Because an artificial lawn never needs to be watered, you’ll be able to save tons of money on your water bills. Think about it — every time you water your yard, you’re using hundreds of gallons of water. Instead of watching all of that money sink into the soil, you can keep more of it in your pocket. You’ll also be able to conserve water, without ruining your yard.

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