4 Must-Haves for Showing Off Your Products

The most profitable stores tend to be the stores that are the easiest to shop at. After all, people aren’t going to spend their hard-earned money in a store that’s cluttered and disorganized. If you work in retail, you need a way to organize all of your products – that also showcases everything.

If you’re looking for a good way to do both, you need these 4 things:

1. An acrylic display case

With acrylic, you don’t have to worry about anything “stealing the spotlight” from your products. Acrylic is colorless, and it’s durable – so you won’t have to worry about even the clumsiest of customers breaking it.

Plus, an acrylic display case is incredibly versatile; you can use it as a stand-alone piece, or you can set it on top of a counter. Depending on the size you get, you can hold everything from tiny jewelry to giant handbags in it!

2.An acrylic sign holder

Once again, acrylic can work wonders! But this time, instead of holding actual products, you can get an acrylic sign holder that shows off important messages. That way, your customers will know about the giant sale you have going on, or the fact that certain aisles have special savings offers.

And since you’re dealing with acrylic – rather than glass – you don’t have to worry about anyone breaking anything. Even if someone crashes into your acrylic sign holder with a shopping cart, it will be just fine!

3. A bulletin sign holder

Sometimes, making a sale means making a statement – and a bulletin sign holder offers you the best chance to make it! A bulletin sign holder comes with built-in metal feet. That way, you can stand it up at the entrance of your store, near the aisles that are offering the biggest deals, or even out on the sidewalk to try and convince passersby to come in and shop!

Plus, if you have several messages to get out, you can get a bulletin sign holder that holds two signs. That way, you get double the communication – without taking up double the floor space.

Luckily, a bulletin sign holder shows off messages on both sides. That way, you can spread your message to people who are coming and going!

4. A brochure display holder

Want people to find out more about your loyalty program, your store credit card, or your newest product? By getting a brochure display holder, you can draw attention to brochures that aren’t big enough to command attention all by themselves. Instead of just laying a stack of brochures on the counter and hoping that someone picks one up, you can get a display holder that people can’t help but look at!

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