3 Tools Every Travelling Businessperson Needs

Headed out of town for work? Don’t even think about getting in the car without having these 3 things on hand!

Travelling for business can be a pain, but by having the right tools on hand, you can make your life a whole lot easier. Whether you head out every week on a different business trip, or you just travel occasionally, you need to have these 3 things on hand:

1. A good notebook charger
If you’re like most businesspeople, your notebook is your lifeline. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to make the presentation at the big meeting, refer to all of your notes during a meeting with a client, keep track of all the documents you’ve already received, or check emails.
As great as a notebook is, it’s eventually going to run out of juice. By having a good notebook charger on hand at all times, you can rest easy knowing that you’re always going to have access to your notebook and the important files inside of it!

2. A quality laptop AC adapter
Today’s world loves being portable, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy plugging in the old fashioned way every now and then. If you’re on a business trip and there’s an electrical outlet nearby, it’s smart to plug your laptop in. That way, you can save the battery power for times when an outlet isn’t so accessible.
But in order to take advantage of that good ol’ electricity, you need a good laptop AC adapter. Dell AC adapters are built specially for their Dell laptop counterparts, but they’re a great example of what your AC adapter should look like. Their biggest perk? Dell AC adapters come with long cords, so you don’t have to set up your laptop right up against the wall to get some power. After all, who has an important business meeting in the corner?!

3. An extra laptop battery
As great as a dependable laptop AC adapter is, there are going to be times when even that isn’t enough. The last thing you need on your next business trip is a laptop battery that dies altogether. So, just to be safe, you should always have an extra one with you.
The exact kind you buy will depend on what kind of laptop you buy, but consider Toshiba laptop batteries to be a good example. These batteries are small, so they’re easy to tuck right into your laptop bag — without adding a ton of extra weight. Plus, Toshiba laptop batteries are affordable; it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to have one or two on hand. If you ever run into some kind of computer emergency during an important business trip, having an extra laptop battery with you will be well worth the added expense!

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