4 Things You Need to Know About Laptop Batteries

It seems so easy — you turn on your laptop and it offers everything you need, anywhere you go! But unless you’ve got the right laptop batteries on hand, you’ll never get to take full advantage of your laptop’s convenience.

If you want to make sure that you never have a computer problem when you’re on the go, you need to keep these 4 things in mind:

1. Laptop batteries won’t last forever

No matter how great your battery is, it’s not going to last forever. You’ll be able to work hard for a few hours before it needs to be charged, but that’s about it. And, as time passes, even the best laptop batteries will start to lose their juice. If you try to rely on the same one for years and years, you’re not going to get as much out of your laptop as you should!

2. It helps to have more than one

Even though they’re not sold in pair, laptop batteries like to have a “friend” nearby. That way, if something ever goes wrong, you’ll have a spare ready to pick up the slack. And luckily, laptop batteries are small enough to tuck inside your computer bag anytime you hit the road.

3. You can’t shop solely by price

Sure, it’s nice to get a good deal, but there’s more to laptop batteries than just finding one at a good price. Instead, you’ve got to start by shopping for a battery that’s right for your specific laptop — like getting a Dell Inspiron battery. If you’ve got a Hewlett Packard computer, even the best-priced Dell Inspiron battery isn’t going to help you!

Bottom line — start with your computer’s make and model. Then, you can narrow down the choices by price.

4. They’re best friends with your notebook charger

As powerful as your laptop batteries are, they can’t survive without an equally-great notebook charger. After all, you’re going to need something to give your battery a pick-me-up, and AC adapters do just that!

And remember, the adapter you buy is going to depend on what kind of computer you’ve got. Like the batteries, Dell AC adapters will only work on Dell laptops. Once again, you’ll have to start with the make and model of your laptop and then move onto comparing prices. For example, once you find a couple of retailers that offer Dell AC adapters, then you can see who’s got the best deal.

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