3 Accessories Your Laptop Will Love

In today’s world, you’ve got to perform just as well on-the-go as you do in your office. That means you’ve got to have the perfect laptop accessories on hand.
Luckily, both your laptop and your wallet will fall in love with these 3:

1. Extra batteries
Even the best laptop batteries won’t last forever. If you want to make sure that you’re never caught “powerless”, you’ll need to have an extra battery on hand. Luckily, today’s laptop batteries are small enough to tuck right into your computer bag until you need them.
Just remember, you can’t just buy any ol’ battery. For example, Dell laptop batteries will only work in Dell laptops. A Lenovo battery will only work inside IBM equipment. If you try to stick a Lenovo battery inside your Dell laptop, you’re going to be awfully unhappy!
Luckily, the bigger brands are easy to shop for. For example, since so many retailers offer Dell laptop batteries, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need at a price that won’t make your wallet go running in fear!

2. The perfect laptop battery charger
If you’re smart, you’ll plug in your laptop whenever you get a chance. That way, you’ll have a full, fresh battery for times when a plug isn’t available — like during that long flight or when the power goes out during that nasty afternoon thunderstorm.
But in order to make sure that your laptop is always running on full power, you’ll need a great laptop battery charger. Like the battery counterparts, the exact charger you need will depend on the type of laptop you have. And, again, if you have a laptop that’s made by a bigger brand, you’ll be able to shop around and find the perfect price.

3. A Lenovo docking station
Unfortunately, your laptop only comes with a fixed number of ports. So, does that mean that you can only take advantage of a couple of accessories at a time?
No way! All you need is a Lenovo docking station.
These machines are like extension cords for your laptop. You plug one end of the docking station into your laptop, and you plug all of the accessories you want into the docking station.

A Lenovo docking station comes with tons of different ports so that you can connect your audio and video equipment, your USB devices, and even your stand-alone mouse. That way, you can take full advantage of everything that your laptop has to offer — without worrying about where all of the cords are going to go!

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