3 Tips for Buying the Best Discount Laptop Batteries

Just because they cost a little less than their traditional counterparts doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with discount laptop batteries. In fact, a great retailer can offer you the quality you demand AND offer it at a great price!

But when it comes time to buy your batteries, you’ll get the most bang for your buck if you follow these 3 tips:

1. Buy more than one
Since you’re already getting a deal on them, do yourself a favor and have a couple of discount laptop batteries on hand. That way, if your Dell Inspiron battery runs out of juice right as you’re walking into that all-important business meeting — and you can’t find a plug nearby to save your life — you won’t be totally out of luck. Instead, you can just grab one of your extra batteries out of your bag, pop it into place, and move ahead with your meeting as planned.

After all, Dell laptop batteries are small enough to tuck right into your computer bag. By having a spare with you at all times, you can avoid running into any kind of technology nightmare!

2. Look for a retailer with great search options
A great retailer will have a ton of discount laptop batteries to choose from. However, that doesn’t do you any good if looking for what you need is like looking for a needle in a haystack! That’s why it’s so important to find a retailer that has a website that’s easy to search. That way, you can type “Dell laptop batteries” right into the search box (or even something as specific as ” Dell Inspiron battery “) and save yourself a ton of time!

3. Take the money you save on batteries and put it towards accessories

Since discount laptop batteries are so affordable, you can take all of the money you save and use it to make your laptop even better — specifically with accessories that make it stronger, faster, and generally better.

One of the best accessories you can buy is a Dell docking station<. These stations are like extension cords for your laptop. They plug into the back of your laptop. Then, you can plug all kinds of things -- like printers, external mice, scanners, full-sized monitors, speakers, or anything else you want -- into the ports in the Dell docking station. Since the station comes with more USB ports than your laptop does, you can use it to turn your computer into a full-fledged media machine! Without that extra savings from your discounted batteries, though, you might never be able to afford it! The team at Simple Micro has quality laptop batteries that are also affordable. Check out their selection by visiting www.simplemicro.com today!

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