3 Things Your Artificial Grass Manufacturer Should Be Giving You

Switching out your traditional yard for one that’s full of artificial grass isn’t as easy as buying a whole bunch of it from the first synthetic turf manufacturer you can find. That’s because the company you decide to buy artificial turf from will play a big role in how your fake turf actually looks. Pick the wrong manufacturer, and your yard may never look right!

So, how do you know if you’re dealing with the right manufacturer?

Easy! The good ones will make it easy to take advantage of these 3 things:

1. One-stop shopping

Whether you need to buy artificial turf for your backyard or you need synthetic grass for the new city park, a good manufacturer can help. In fact, the good artificial grass manufacturers will have all of the information you need, right on their website. You’ll be able to look at different products, learn how to install your fake turf, or find a professional installer to do the work for you.

That way, you can get the artificial grass you need — without having to navigate a bunch of other hurdles.

2. Free help

For some manufacturers, getting you to buy artificial turf isn’t enough. They also want to make some money off you on the installation — whether it means hiring them to do the work or hiring one of their buddies (and getting a commission off your business in the process). For these manufacturers, you won’t get any help if you want to install your fake turf on your own.

But when you work with a good artificial grass manufacturer, you can expect free installation tips. You’ll be able to take advantage of easy-to-understand instructions and even a list of supplies that will make your synthetic grass look completely professional. That’s because the good manufacturers are more interested in making your life easier than they are in squeezing as much money out of you as they can!

3. Extras

When you buy artificial turf, you might want some accessories to go with it. One of the most popular extras is infill — a mixture of ground-up sand or rubber that’s used to mimic real dirt. While infill isn’t a requirement for your artificial grass, it can make it stand up taller and even cushion each step you take on it.

Bottom line — if your synthetic grass manufacturer doesn’t offer extras like infill, you’re dealing with the wrong one!

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