3 Things to Remember When You Buy Store Fixtures

Glass swimming pool fences are one of the most valuable purchases you can make for your home, because they offer a safe pool area, without tarnishing your view. If you want to pick the glass pool fence that’s perfect for you, you’ll need to take advantage of the answers to these 3 common questions:

1. “Are they durable?”

You may not think of glass as being tough, but glass swimming pool fences are built to withstand the fury of Mother Nature. The glass itself is designed to withstand high winds and other outdoor perils, so you can feel free to let your kids run around and play or watch that afternoon thunderstorm, without worrying that your glass fencing is going to shatter.

Plus, the anchors and posts that come with glass swimming pool fences are made out of special metal that’s designed to stay firmly-planted in the ground. As an extra benefit, the anchors and posts are coated with a special material that prevents them from rusting.

2. “How many different choices are there?”

One of the great things about glass swimming pool fences is that there is an option that fits into virtually every budget and taste. If you’re dealing with a quality fencing company, you’ll have several options — including semi frameless glass fencing and frameless glass pool fences.

Generally, the fences that come with bigger frames and posts tend to be less expensive than the semi frameless glass fencing. You can typically count on the frameless glass pool fences to be the most expensive option.

If you’re not worried about price — and, instead, you simply want pool fencing that’s going to be the least intrusive on your d├ęcor — frameless glass pool fences are your best bet. Because they don’t have tall posts sticking up, they’re the most invisible option!

3. “How do frameless glass pool fences connect to the ground?”

In most cases, they have tiny spigots that screw right into your deck. These spigots are strong enough to hold up the glass, without having any other kind of frame to support it. Luckily, the spigots are only a few inches tall, so they won’t get in between you and that great view!

You can also get frameless glass pool fences that don’t connect to the ground at all. Instead, the use balustrades that connect to the side of your walls. Balustrades are a great option if you don’t want to screw anything into your deck, or if you have a deck that can’t be drilled into (like brick, for example).

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