Your Dental Health Insurance Plan — 3 Options to Choose From

Looking for the perfect dental health insurance plan for your needs? Look no further than these 3 popular options!

1. A dental PPO

This may be the most popular dental health insurance plan, because it combines affordable rates with full dental insurance. Even if you don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on dental insurance, you won’t have to cut any corners under a dental PPO.

How is that possible?

Every dental PPO comes with a list of dentists and specialists that have been approved by your insurance company. If you want to take full advantage of your benefits, you have to go to someone on the list.

Part of the reason those dentists are on the list is because they’ve agreed to charge the insurance company discounted rates. So, every time you go in for a routine cleaning, a root canal, or some x-rays, your insurance company is saving a little bit of money. As a result, they can afford to charge you lower premiums, give you smaller deductibles, and offer you smaller coinsurance rates.

Just like that you’ve got full dental insurance that doesn’t break your budget!

2. Dental indemnity insurance

If you want full dental insurance — without the restriction of an approved provider list — you can get it from dental indemnity insurance. This dental health insurance plan option is becoming more and more popular, because it’s getting more and more affordable.


Dental indemnity insurance is works a little differently. Like a dental PPO, you’ll have to meet a deductible and pay for a portion of your costs. However, under this type of dental health insurance plan, you’ll have to front the money, then be reimbursed by your insurance company later.

While that may seem like an inconvenience, dental indemnity insurance cuts out a lot of other inconveniences — like restricting you to certain dentists, making you get prior approval for visits, or forcing you to get referrals to see specialists. With this dental health insurance plan, you get full dental insurance, without the hassles!

3. A discount dental plan

It doesn’t count as full dental insurance, but discount plans are getting more and more popular. That’s because they only require you to pay for the services and procedures that you need — instead of paying for a bunch of coverage that you may or may not ever use.

There is a catch, though. Under a discount plan, you have to pay for all of your dental work yourself. You’ll get things at a discounted rate, but there won’t be an insurance company to help foot the bills.

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