What’s So Great About Bundling Your Dental and Vision Insurance?

Look closely at your employer-sponsored health insurance policy, and you’ll likely see that dental and vision insurance aren’t on it. In fact, more and more health plans are cutting back on dental and vision coverage — and most people don’t realize it until it’s too late!

OK, so you need both types of coverage, but does that really mean you need to “bundle” them together — or, buy them both from the same company?


In fact, when you take a look at these 3 perks, you’ll wonder why you didn’t bundle your dental and vision insurance years ago!

1. You get to save money

So, since you need to shop for both types of coverage anyways, why not save some money on them?
In most cases, when you get a dental health plan and a vision plan from the same company, you’ll immediately qualify for a loyalty discount. As a result, you’ll get to save money on your monthly premium payments. That way, you can get the coverage you need while also keeping a little more money in your pocket. That alone makes bundling well worth it!

2. You can upgrade to better coverage

If the only thing that fits into your budget is a discount dental plan — but you’d really feel better having traditional insurance for dental services and treatments — you might be able to get it just by bundling your dental and vision insurance.

After all, bundling helps you save money. So, instead of taking those savings and putting them back in your pocket, why not use them to upgrade to better coverage? That way, you can scrap that discount dental plan and get the traditional dental health plan you really want, without breaking your budget!

3. You only have to deal with one insurance company

Even if you have the best dental health plan in the world, there are going to be times when you have problems or questions that need to be sorted out — meaning that you’ll have to make a phone call to your insurance company. The same goes for your vision coverage.
So, why not save yourself some time (and some aggravation!) by only making one phone call?

When you bundle your insurance for dental services with your vision insurance, you only have one insurance company to worry about. That means you only have one customer service number to worry about. One phone call can get issues straightened out on both policies. As an added benefit, you’ll only have to listen to that awful hold music one time!

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