Insurance for Dental Services — Your 3 Best Options

If you’re not sure which insurance for dental services is right for you, you’ve got to take a long look at these 3 options. They’re some of the most popular dental coverage you can get!

1. Go traditional with a dental PPO plan
These plans are what you normally think of when you think of dental insurance. You pay a set monthly premium and, in exchange, you get the majority of your dental costs paid for. A dental PPO plan won’t pay 100% of your costs; you’ll be responsible for copays and deductibles. However, if you’ve got a good plan, you’ll get 100% of your preventative costs paid for (like cleanings, x-rays, and routine checkups).
The only “catch” with a dental PPO plan is that you have to adhere to a specific list of dentists and specialists. However, a good plan will come with a long list, so it won’t be hard to find a dentist you like.

2. Bundle your dental and vision insurance
If you’re a big fan of 2-for-1 sales, you’ll love this idea! When you bundle your dental and vision insurance together, you buy both policies from the same company. You won’t get one of them for free, but you will get to take advantage of discounts — especially when it comes to your monthly premium payments. You may also get to take advantage of other perks, because you’ll be considered a “loyal customer”.
By going this route for your insurance for dental services, you get the coverage you need (in both areas!). And, by saving some money along the way, you can either put the money back in your pocket or use it to spring for better coverage. Either way, that’s a good thing!

3. Think outside the box with a discount dental plan
If you don’t have money to spend on premium payments every month, you don’t have to pass up insurance for dental services! Instead, you can get the coverage you need AND save some money by opting for a discount dental plan.

Unlike traditional insurance, you won’t deal with an insurance company. Instead, you’ll pay a small annual fee for access to a special discount card. That way, you can take advantage of things like 50% off on your cleanings, 25% off on your root canal, etc. Under a discount dental plan, you’ll be responsible for footing the bills all by yourself, but the discounts can be so great that you don’t wind up spending very much.

No matter what kind of dental plan you’re looking for, you can find it at!

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