3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Dental Health Plan

Your dental health plan doesn’t have to be a drain on your finances. Instead, you can make the most out of your dental coverage just by following these 3 tips:

1. Buy your dental and vision insurance together
Since more and more employer-sponsored health insurance plans have stopped including dental and vision insurance, you need both types of coverage. Why not do your wallet a favor and buy them together?
By purchasing dental and vision insurance from the same company, you’ll immediately get “loyal customer” status. That means you’ll qualify for lower premiums and other perks that you’d normally have to wait years for. That way, you can stick a little extra money in your pocket every month — or use the money you’re saving to get better all-around coverage.

2. Don’t get a traditional insurance plan
Sometimes, the best dental health plan doesn’t come from an insurance company at all.


A discount dental plan may be the perfect choice for your needs. Just remember, it works totally different from a traditional dental health plan.
Instead, when you have a discount dental plan, you pay a yearly fee for access to a special discount card. The card will fetch you great deals — like 50% off on your x-rays or 75% off on your routine checkups. You’ll have to foot the bills yourself, but when you take advantage of the discounts, it shouldn’t break the bank.

Plus, when you have a discount dental plan, you only have to pay for the services and treatments you need. That’s a big difference from a traditional dental health plan — where so much of your premiums go toward “just in case” coverage.

3. Group your family together
If you’ve got individual insurance for dental treatments for everyone in your family, get rid of it! You’ll save a whole lot of money and frustration by putting everyone on a family dental health plan.
With one, you’ll only have to worry about meeting one deductible, writing one premium check every month, and dealing with one set of rules and exclusions. That way, it’s far easier to keep track of everything. You won’t have to remember that Suzy’s plan doesn’t cover braces — but that Johnny’s plan does. Or, you won’t have to worry about dealing with 4 sets of approved provider lists when it comes time to schedule routine checkups.
Making things even better? Family insurance for dental services is a whole lot cheaper than its individual counterparts! So, you won’t only be keeping things simpler; you’ll also be keeping things cheaper!

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