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4 Questions to Ask About Your Dental Coverage

Buying dental plan insurance isn’t hard, but it definitely takes some thinking ahead. That’s why — before you sign on the dotted line of your new dental insurance policy — you’ve got to get the answers to these 4 questions: 1. “Does this dental insurance pay for all of my preventative care?” The good policies […]

3 Ways to Get Low Cost Dental Coverage

If you think that low cost dental coverage is a myth insurance companies have made up to get you on their websites, think again. As long as you follow these 3 tips, it’s not hard to find the coverage you need at a low price: 1. Bundle your dental and vision insurance together Hate paying […]

Getting Affordable Dental Coverage in 5 Easy Steps

You don’t have to be an insurance expert to find affordable dental coverage. Instead, all you need is the right website to do your shopping on and this blueprint: 1. Compare every dental health insurance plan that appeals to you If you buy the first dental health insurance plan you see, you’ll never know if […]

3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Dental Health Plan

Your dental health plan doesn’t have to be a drain on your finances. Instead, you can make the most out of your dental coverage just by following these 3 tips: 1. Buy your dental and vision insurance together Since more and more employer-sponsored health insurance plans have stopped including dental and vision insurance, you need […]

4 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Dental Health Plan

Since there are so many different dental health plan choices out there, you’ve got to do some homework if you want to find the best one. That means asking these 4 questions before you sign on the dotted line: 1. “Is this the best dental insurance from top to bottom?” Just because you find a […]

Insurance for Dental Services — Your 3 Best Options

If you’re not sure which insurance for dental services is right for you, you’ve got to take a long look at these 3 options. They’re some of the most popular dental coverage you can get! 1. Go traditional with a dental PPO plan These plans are what you normally think of when you think of […]

Is Your Dental Coverage Good Enough?

It’s one thing to pay premiums for your dental coverage every month. It’s another thing to know that your money is going towards the best dental plan insurance possible. So, is yours making the grade? The answers to these 4 questions will let you know: 1. Are you paying less for family dental insurance that […]

How Can You Find Low Cost Dental Insurance?

Insurance for dental treatments might be the last thing on your mind — that is, until you get a tooth knocked out during a softball game or lose a filling during dinner. If you want to be prepared, you’ve got to have some kind of dental insurance on hand. So, how can you find low […]

How to Tell If You’ve Really Got Affordable Dental Insurance

Spend some time shopping for dental insurance, and you’ll see that practically everyone says they’ve got the most affordable dental coverage. But instead of falling victim to good sales copy, you need to make sure that your dental health insurance plan REALLY is affordable before you sign on the dotted line. Here’s how you can […]

What’s So Great About Bundling Your Dental and Vision Insurance?

Look closely at your employer-sponsored health insurance policy, and you’ll likely see that dental and vision insurance aren’t on it. In fact, more and more health plans are cutting back on dental and vision coverage — and most people don’t realize it until it’s too late! OK, so you need both types of coverage, but […]