The Best Dental Insurance Starts With These 4 Questions

Shopping for dental insurance can be hard. After all, the best dental insurance for your friend or neighbor might not be right for you. If you want to find the perfect plan, you’ll need to answer these 4 questions:

1. Are you shopping for your entire family, or just yourself?

If you’ve got a wife and kids, buying a family dental health insurance plan can save you a ton of money. Your savings won’t just come in the form of lower premiums, though. A good family dental health plan will also come with lower deductibles and smaller out-of-pocket maximums (that’s the money you would have to spend in a worst-case scenario). As affordable as individual dental insurance can be, if you have an entire family you can sign up, do it!

2. Are you prepared to follow a bunch of rules?

Finding the best dental insurance isn’t just about finding the plan that will make the smallest dent on your wallet. It’s also about finding a plan that you can live with. If, for example, your dental health plan comes with a ton of rules — like a small group of dentists you have to choose from, prior approval for visits to specialists, and even pre-authorization for a routine trip to your own dentist — you might be better off looking elsewhere.

Remember, the goal is to use your dental health insurance plan to keep your teeth healthy — not to give you a headache!

3. Do you really need a traditional dental health plan?

If you’re looking to save the most money and get away with follow the least amount of rules, you might want to explore non-traditional dental insurance options. For example, a dental indemnity plan or a discount dental plan will both help you foot your dental bills, but they won’t come with all of the red tape that traditional dental plans have. Plus, they’ll be a lot less expensive!

With some quick research, you might discover that these non-traditional plans suit your needs just as well as those pricier traditional plans. And that’s what finding the best dental insurance is all about — finding a solution that’s perfect for YOU!

4. Do you qualify for student dental insurance?

Speaking of non-traditional plans, student dental insurance is becoming more and more popular. Even though it’s a relatively new addition to the dental insurance world, it can give you the coverage you need at a price you can actually afford!

Student dental insurance is only available for full-time college students. Once you graduate, you’ll have to find another plan. But in the meantime, you’ll get to save a ton of money!

The best dental insurance for your needs is only a click away — at!

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