Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery – 3 Ways It Can Help You

It may be something you’re embarrassed to talk about, but plenty of women have some sort of issue surrounding their vaginal area. Whether you are in pain, having bladder control issues, or are simply insecure about how you look down there, vaginal rejuvenation surgery can help.
While it may sound drastic, most of these procedures can be done in about an hour, and recovery time usually takes about a week or so.

So, what can vaginal rejuvenation surgery do for you?

1.It can eliminate heavy periods
Most women get uncomfortable during “that time of the month”, but a condition called menorrhagia – also known as abnormally heavy periods or bleeding between periods – can make your discomfort much worse. Menorrhagia is more than just uncomfortable, though. If you don’t get yours taken care of, you can wind up suffering from serious physical ailments – like anemia, abnormal blood clotting, and excessive fatigue.

During menorrhagia surgery, you have two options. Your surgeon can either use extreme heat or cold to wear away at your uterine lining, so that any fibroid tumors or polyps are eliminated.

2.It can eliminate bladder leakage
It’s something that no one wants to talk about – but bladder leakage is a big issue for lots of women. Many times, those leaks are due to a condition called bladder prolapse. If you suffer from bladder prolapse, the wall between your vagina and your bladder has gotten weak or damaged. As a result, your bladder sinks back into your vagina – causing embarrassing leaks.

Many women who have bladder prolapse have given birth; however, it is also a problem that non-moms also face. Luckily, a skilled surgeon can fix your bladder prolaspe by inserting a small sling into the area – which will help strengthen your bladder wall.

3.It can eliminate pain in your labia
Your labia – or, the lips that protect your vagina – can become downright painful if they are misshapen or too large. The pain can be made worse by wearing tight clothing or bathing suits. The best way to combat this pain is through labia reduction surgery – also known as a labiaplasty. Just like the name suggests, a surgeon will make your labia smaller, make both lips the same size, or sculpt them into the proper shape.

Labia reduction surgery can also be done for cosmetic reasons. If you are embarrassed by the size of your labia, this surgery can help. As an added benefit, a labiaplasty can also help enhance sexual satisfaction.

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