Heavy Periods and More – 3 Issues That Women Suffer From But Dont Talk About

There are plenty of issues that women suffer from, but are too embarrassed to talk about. If they did, they’d realize that many of them are very common and easy to fix!
Concerned about your female health? See if it could be due to any of these 3 issues:

1. Heavy periods

If you always feel tired and run down during that time of the month, it’s possible that you’re suffering from abnormally heavy periods. Unfortunately, most women don’t know what’s “normal” when it comes to their periods, so they suffer in silence. However, heavy periods can lead to extreme fatigue and even anemia if they’re ignored.
Luckily, there’s an easy fix for heavy periods. By visiting a doctor that specializes in vaginal surgery, you can get rid of your heavy periods during a quick outpatient procedure. To get rid of them, your doctor will use special tools to destroy part of your uterine lining. As your body creates scar tissue in the area, it will prevent your body from having periods that are too heavy. It sounds painful, but it’s really very easy – and the symptoms you’re suffer from now will be a thing of the past!

2. Labiaplasty

Maybe you’ve had a few kids, and sex just isn’t that enjoyable anymore. Or, maybe you’re embarrassed by what you look like “down there”. In either event, a labiaplasty might be perfect for you!
During one, your doctor can use special tools and techniques to enhance your sexual gratification or to simply give you a look that you’re more confident about.

Again, this is another form of vaginal surgery, but it’s not as painful as you might think. In fact, you’ll be back at work and back to your normal routine in just a few days!

3. Uterine prolapse

Most women don’t sit around and talk about changes “down there” – especially when it comes to incontinence issues. The last thing you want is to feel embarrassed or “old” because you’re having some urination issues.

However, these problems are much more common than you might think! In fact, many of them are due to what’s called a “uterine prolapse” – which is a fancy name for what happens when your pelvic muscles weaken and your bladder slides into your vagina. Typically, this problem is brought on by childbirth or just good ol’ fashioned aging.

During vaginal surgery, your doctor will insert a special mesh into your vagina that will hold your bladder in place. You’ll be as good as new after one outpatient procedure!

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