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If you want to have a successful store, you need a way to get customers excited about their purchases. You can’t do that just by throwing your products all over the place and hoping that people are willing to dig through the chaos!

Remember, when it comes to selling products, the way you present them is crucial. Show them off in an irresistible way, and your customers will take the time to look at them. Make mistakes with your displays, and your bottom line may suffer.

Luckily, it’s easy to showcase your products in the very best way, just by taking advantage of these 3 store fixtures:

1. A gridwall

This is one of the store fixtures that attaches right to the wall! Whether you’re dealing with limited space, or you simply want to make sure that your customers see these products, a gridwall is a great way to do it.


A gridwall is perfect for products of any shape and size. You can hook just about anything on the metal grids, from hangers, to baskets for smaller products, to artwork. And, when something’s hanging right from the wall — at eye level, instead of on a counter or on a lower free-standing display on the floor — people can’t help but notice it.

2. Acrylic displays

As eye-catching as a gridwall can be, don’t discount the effectiveness of a well-organized countertop. Acrylic displays are a perfect way to show off smaller products, because they allow customers to get a closer look.

If you really want to get creative with your acrylic displays, get some in a unique shape. For example, by putting your ring collection on an acrylic display that’s shaped like a hand, customers will be able to see exactly how the rings will look on their own hands. That alone can make them stop and take notice!

3. Brochure holders

The right store fixtures aren’t just great for showcasing existing products. They can also be very valuable when it comes time to feature a new product! By having brochure holders in can’t-miss areas — like next to your cash register or right by the front door — you can tell your customers all about your new product, or you can explain all of the benefits of your new service.

As an added benefit, brochure holders provide the perfect way for your customers to take something with them. By encouraging them to grab a brochure on their way out, your odds of them thinking about your store long after they’re gone go up dramatically!

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