3 Reasons Why You May Need Vaginal Surgery

From health issues, to sexual problems, to cosmetic insecurities, women suffer plenty of problems “down there”. Unfortunately, though, most of them suffer in silence because they’re afraid to talk to anyone about what they’re going through!

Luckily, there have been some major advancements in vaginal surgery over the past few years. Today, it’s easy to eliminate problems just by talking to a qualified doctor. And, if you’re afraid of going under the knife, don’t be. In all of these cases, the procedures are outpatient ones, and you’ll be back to your normal activities in a few days!

So, let’s take a look at 3 conditions that vaginal surgery can help you overcome:

1. Vaginal relaxation

On the surface, this might seem like a good thing – but it’s definitely not! When the muscles in your vagina relax too much – either due to aging, childbirth, or some other issue – it can cause big problems, including incontinence and pain during sex. In severe cases, you can suffer a cystocele (also known as a bladder prolapse), or what happens when your bladder sinks down into your vagina.

Luckily, fixing a cystocele isn’t as hard as you might think. In fact, a skilled doctor can eliminate your bladder prolapse during a short outpatient surgery. He will install a small sling inside your vagina that holds your bladder in place. Essentially, this tiny sling will do what your vaginal muscles can’t do – and you’ll wind up feeling much better and a whole lot more confident because of it!

2. Cosmetic issues

Maybe you’re ashamed to admit it, but you’re embarrassed by the way you look “down there”. It’s OK! Plenty of women feel the exact same way! Luckily, there’s something your doctor can do about it.

During labiaplasty surgery, your doctor can give you practically any “look” you want. It’s no different than cosmetic surgery on other parts of your body. A labiaplasty surgery can be used to sculpt your labia – or, the “lips” around your vagina.

Not sure what you want yours to look like?

Lots of women bring in men’s magazines to show off exactly how they want to look after their surgery!

3. Vaginal rejuvenation

Whether your vagina has stretched because of aging or childbirth – or you’re experiencing some sexual difficulties because of an injury – vaginal rejuvenation can help. During a laser vaginoplasty, your doctor can tighten specific areas and even reconstruct your hymen! A laser vaginoplasty is a great way to look and feel more confident. Plus, you’ll be able to get more enjoyment out of sex!

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