Vaginoplasty – Answers to Your Biggest Questions

It may not be something you talk about on a regular basis, but vaginoplasty surgery represents a new beginning for many women. If you’re thinking of getting one, you probably have lots of questions. Here are answers to the most common ones:

1. Can a vaginoplasty make me look better?

That’s actually one of the biggest reasons why women have vaginoplasty surgery! Whether you’ve had a few kids, just gotten older, or have never liked the way you look “down there”, a vaginoplasty can fix your imperfections and make you feel more self-confident.

It’s really no different than people who get nose jobs or breast implants. If there’s something on your body that makes you feel insecure, a qualified doctor can help. During your vaginoplasty, your doctor can tighten your muscles and even make your skin firmer. It’s no wonder why so many women call it a “vaginal rejuvenation”!

2. Will a vaginoplasty make sex more enjoyable?


Many women opt for vaginoplasty surgery because they want to increase their sexual gratification. Since skin can sag and muscles can weaken over time or after childbirth, many women don’t enjoy sex as much as they used to. But during vaginoplasty surgery, your doctor can make things tighter and even give you a special G-spot amplification.

3.What kind of tools are used during a vaginoplasty?

Your doctor will do a laser vaginoplasty. While this may sound scary at first, a laser vaginoplasty is the most modern technique available. Because it uses a laser, these surgeries are virtually bloodless.
And, as an added benefit, a laser vaginoplasty is a much faster process. If you get one, it’s only a one-hour outpatient procedure. You’ll be back at home, back at work, and back to your daily routine before you know it!

4. My doctor says I have a cystocele. Can a vaginoplasty help?


A cystocele is really just a fancy way of saying that your bladder has started protruding into your vagina. This can be uncomfortable and lead to incontinence, so it’s a serious medical issue that needs to be addressed.

A cystocele occurs because the muscles in your vagina are not strong enough to hold your bladder where it’s supposed to be. During vaginoplasty surgery, your doctor will go in and tighten the muscles- as well as insert a special sling. The sling will hold your bladder in place and keep everything where it’s supposed to be.

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