The Hazards of Avoiding the Dentist

Without dental insurance coverage, many people don’t have access to proper dental care simply because they don’t have the money to pay for out of pocket expenses. However, in addition to proper oral hygiene habits, the only way to prevent serious oral health issues is to schedule regular visits to the dentist.

There are many health issues that can arise from avoiding the dentist. One of the most common dental health issues in both children and adults is cavities. Cavities are damaged parts of your teeth, also called tooth decay, characterized by tiny openings in your teeth. A person can get a cavity because of several reasons, including consuming unhealthy snacks on a regular basis, improper oral hygiene habits, and an overabundance of bacteria in the mouth. Without individual dental care, these tiny openings can become larger and cause major issues, such as tooth loss, severe toothache and infection.

In addition to basic oral hygiene habits, such as flossing and brushing, regular appointments with your dentist can prevent cavities before they become a bigger problem and affect a deeper layer of your mouth. Because of this reason, many people consider affordable dental plan options to gain access to quality dental care.

Another major problem that can arise as a result of avoiding the dentist is gingivitis. This mild form of gum disease causes irritation, inflammation and redness of the gums. However, due to its mild symptoms, many people don’t even know they have the disease until it is too late. Unfortunately, untreated gingivitis can lead to serious forms of gum disease and eventually tooth loss.

The only way to prevent dental health issues such as gingivitis and cavities is meeting with your dentist. As always, daily brushing and flossing is vital to oral health; however, every person must have access to routine professional checkups by finding the best plan for their needs, whether it is orthodontic insurance or basic coverage.

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