Lap Band 411

When a person works out, diets, and exercises and no improvement has been made, some people might get discouraged and give up. When this happens there’s another way to lose weight and it doesn’t cost that much. The lap band surgery is one of the best weight loss surgeries that have improved way of living for thousands of individuals in the United States. Some patients have said that the lap band has actually saved their lives.

The lap band surgery is a minimally invasive surgery, compared to other weight lose surgeries, that is reversible and effective. This surgery can be done on an outpatient basisĀ¬, which means that if the patient feels good after recovering from surgery they can return home that same day. The surgery takes approximately 60 minutes and is done laparoscopically, meaning a surgeon would only need to make 4-5 small incisions on the abdomen to perform the procedure. It is important that the lap band surgery only be performed by a certified lap band doctor at a lap band clinic.

During surgery, the lapband doctor will place the silicon band around the upper part of the stomach, creating a small pouch that will act as a new smaller stomach. This new stomach will help the patient feel full quick and stay full longer. Right after surgery the patient will notice the difference in how much food that they can eat before feeling full. Because of this, it is important that patients follow all post operation instructions in order to prevent any band slippage or complications. The surgeon will provide all the information necessary for after care. By following these simple instructions it can prevent the rare but possible complications that could occur from any surgery.

There have been instances of patients not to following post-op diet and instructions and soon find themselves experiencing complications like infection, vomiting, or slippage. The chance of this happening is discussed in the weeks leading up to the surgery to ensure that patients understand the need to take care of their bodies.

Once the lap band is placed, patients will notice how different they begin to feel. Pounds will start to come off, usually at a healthy rate of 2-3 pounds per week. General health will start to improve and self esteem will begin to strengthen. It is important to reiterate that, while patients may see results, it is important to follow up with their lap band doctor after surgery. This gives the opportunity for patients and doctors to meet at the lap band clinic and discuss eating habits and concerns. The doctor will make sure that the lap band hasn’t slipped and that the patient is losing weight at a healthy rate.

Approximately a month after surgery the first adjustment will be made. This adjustment will be the beginning of what most lap band patients consider the best journey ever. Once this adjustment is made, the patient will start to notice the amount of food intake that they will be able to consume. The patient will feel full quick and stay full longer. That’s when you know the lap band is a success.

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