How to Revamp Your Sport Uniforms

The nation’s best sports teams are also sometimes the best dressed teams, with uniforms that display team logos, colors, and numbers to distinguish between players. But everything gets old over time, even great sports uniforms.

That is why it’s always exciting when your favorite basketball or football team unveils a new uniform and a completely new design for their brand.

Whether you want to upgrade your current design or create a completely new look for your franchise, it’s important to consider a few key elements when revamping your sports uniforms. Follow these tips on how to upgrade basketball or track uniforms to please the team and the fans.

Improve the logo, don’t change it. There are ways you can enhance the current logo without designing a new one.

After all, the current logo represents your team, and chances are the players and the fans are not ready to give it up. Consider introducing a new color scheme or improving the font. For example, the same logo on your basketball jerseys might actually look better in blue and white than it does in blue and red. A fresh new font can also ensure the logo stands out much better.

Introduce an improved color scheme. Apart from changing the color scheme on the logo, you might want to tweak the color scheme of the uniform; dial it in better. Opting for a more traditional color scheme is a great way to pay homage to the team’s history. You might also want to select a color scheme that matches the city they play in.

Another option is to simply brighten existing colors of the softball uniforms.

Upgrade to a new style and material. When it comes to the cut, style, and fabric of sports uniforms, there are countless options. For example, your current basketball shorts might be short and feature mesh, while the new style is longer and features a moisture-control interior material. Whether you’re upgrading football or cheerleading uniforms, research different styles and fabrics to introduce a new look while enhancing the performance of the game.

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