National Women’s Soccer Uniforms Now Share The Same Grass With Mexico and Canada

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Women’s soccer uniforms will be sharing the same grass this year with the development of a new professional league. Over the last 12 years, the United States has been trying to set up a long lasting Division I women’s professional soccer league. The first attempt at forming a national women’s league, the Women’s United Soccer League, started in 2001 and only lasted three seasons until 2003.

Seven years later, fans were ecstatic when the Women’s Professional Soccer attempted to spring up in 2010, only to dissipate in 2012. Only a year later, the new National Women’s Soccer League plans to set up four games this season with eight teams spread out across the United States. Five of the eight teams were members of WPS, while the remaining three are brand new and looking for recruits.
The biggest failure of the NWSL’s precursors could be thought of financial difficulty.

It is very expensive to run any sport’s league. Budgeting includes everything from renting the space for games to women’s soccer t-shirts and uniforms. In order to spread the cost, the United States is now partnering up with Mexico and Canada to pay their best players. This attempt at collaboration with nearby countries is an imitation of how some European countries pay their players. The United States Soccer Federation has a salary limit of $200,000 a year for salary budgets with a total of 20 players per team on the roster.

These salaries are reported to range from between $6,000 and $30,000 depending on the skill of each player. The United States will be paying for up to 24 of the best players, Canada will pay for up to 16 and Mexico for up to 12.

The main purpose for the countries uniting for a national women’s league is to improve their skill by preparing them all year round for the Olympics and the 2015 World Cup with a weekly game for a five month season. The best players in the country will be competing amongst each other, as well as with a few other national players. While these North American countries are still considered rivals, the federations of all three feel that working together will build up their teams overall.

The league will mostly be focusing on players from North America. This disinterest in recruiting expensive international stars allows some up and coming native players the chance to start pursuing excellence. The games will absolutely be available to watch over the internet, however rumor has it that the NWSL is closing a deal for television broadcast.

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