How to Purchase Used Golf Course Equipment

Golf course equipment can be expensive. Whether you need a tee mower or a turf sprayer, you can save money by purchasing used golf course equipment .

But how do you know whether the used equipment you purchase is in good condition? It’s hard to know whether the equipment will work properly, how old it is, and when was the last time it had any maintenance.
Before you head out to purchase used golf equipment, learn how to find the best used golf course equipment on the market.

Purchase from an experienced used equipment retailer. Don’t waste your time browsing used equipment from private sellers on sites such as Craigslist. There are no guarantees. Instead, find a reputable retailer of used golf course equipment, preferably one that specializes in pre-owned and off-lease used turf equipment.

These companies specialize in buying quality used turf equipment and know how to rebuild equipment before it goes on the market again. In other words, these companies do the hunting for you, and ensure that you’re receiving your money’s worth.

Inspect the refurbishing process. Just because a retailer sells used gulf course maintenance equipment, doesn’t mean they offer quality machines. Make sure that the retailer thoroughly inspects the machines for broken or worn parts and replaces anything that doesn’t work, including wheels, seats, and covers.

Proper refurbishing services should also include new engine fluids and filters. Finally, it’s important the retailer tests the machines before shipping to customers.
Buy top name brands: Avoid purchasing no name machinery. Instead, go with the leading brands in the industry, including John Deere, Toro, Jacobsen, Club Car, and Turfco. In addition to purchasing a leading brand, it’s also important to find a late model.

To learn more about how to purchase the best used golf equipment on the market, please visit Global Turf Equipment.

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