Rotary Reel Mowers Make Golf Course Up-keep Easy

Guest post is provided by Global Turf Equipment, providing quality greenskeeping machinery to keep a pristine lawn. Visit their website for more information.

Reel master is a brand of mower that customers have trusted for years. The Reel Master mowing unit has three sets of blades that quickly and evenly cut down overgrown grass. Where a hand held reel cutter can get the detail of the cleanest cut on a residential plot, golf courses are simply too big and require powered rotary mowers to get the job done efficiently and economically.

Golf courses require so much upkeep, so a personal lawnmower is out of the question to complete the job. Most golf courses spread across 110-120 acres for an 18-hole golf course. That’s 4,791,600 to 5,227,200 square feet of lawn to maintain. You could spend thousands of dollars on an army of gardening employees, but that is a luxury that most courses don’t care to budget for. A more economical solution is to purchase greenskeeping equipment to cut down hours of maintenance time. Reliable industrial machinery is the best option for keeping up a natural grass golf course.
Rotary machines use an extremely powerful engine to move sharp horizontal blades. These blades cut the grass as the rotary motor turns. A protective deck prevents grass from flying around in the air as its being cut. Without this feature the operator would suffer from health conditions caused by inhaling lawn debris over time. The motor is usually attached on top of the deck and mounted on four wheels. This can be attached to a tractor as a separate device or combined to create a whole new machine.

This turf sweeper normally operates on a combustion engine, like most tractors and motor vehicles. These two or four cycle motors are powered electrically. The blades normally run at 3,000 rounds per minute. The great thing about the way these machines slice up the grass is that the waste can be recycled into mulch. Some give you the option to bag the waste as mulch immediately, making clean-up less of a hassle.

Quality machines are necessary for your customers to be pleased with how your golf course looks and feels. Buying broken or poor quality rotary machines results in a choppy and ugly look to your course that doesn’t support the classy, resort feel that golf courses should have. Many dealers sell used machines, which can be a great cost saver, but keep in mind what upkeep charges will be necessary. Accumulated miles affect performance on rotary machines just like they do on cars, so inform your sales rep of what your exact expectations are. Let them know how long you expect to use each machine and what budget you are willing to use to purchase a new or used machine for the best results.

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