Why You Should Join a Soccer Team

What should you do when you know you need to start exercising but you hate the gym? Perhaps you should consider joining a soccer team! Soccer is a fun and challenging activity that will allow you to get your weekly exercise in a pleasurable way.

There is no denying the research around the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of exercise. Studies show that regular exercise can decrease the risk of a heart attack, bad LDL cholesterol, the risk of osteoporosis and improve immune function. These are merely a few of the reasons that it’s critical to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. Exercise has also been shown to help alleviate depression, boost confidence and increase one’s overall level of happiness. If those aren’t good enough reasons to get moving, then I don’t know what is.

Rates of heart disease, obesity, and anxiety continue to soar in the United States. Despite all of the experts continually encouraging us to exercise, most of us still live incredibly sedentary lifestyles. There are multiple reasons for this, but it often comes down to the increase in hectic and busy lifestyles. In a world where we need to hold down a job and raise a family, physical health and well-being often take a backseat.

It’s important to make time for exercise, but sometimes walking glumly on the treadmill for an hour doesn’t sound too enticing, especially after a long day at work. For those who need a little more excitement in their workout regimen, joining a soccer team is perfect. So put on your soccer shorts and consider these reasons why.

1) Socialize and exercise at the same time.
Team sports allow you to burn major calories and tone up while hanging out with friends. As we age, it can become increasingly difficult to make new friends. Sharing common interests, such as soccer, allows for deep bonds. Sometimes great conversation at practice can put you in a better mood for the rest of the weak.

2) Enjoy some healthy competition.
While being too competitive may add to your stress level, a little healthy competition is never a bad thing. Competition can inspire you to improve your level of fitness and technique which can have a roll-over effect in other areas of your life.

3) Relieve stress and have fun.
The most important reason to exercise is that it is proven to help relieve stress. Also, everyone can use a boost of endorphins in our ever increasingly hectic lifestyles. Endorphins are chemicals that are produced in the brain and essentially leave people feeling happy and somewhat euphoric.

Soccer is an all-around fun game and a great way to stay in shape. If you’re looking for a new hobby, grab your cleats and soccer socks and head over to your local soccer association to find the right league for you.
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