Family Dental Plans: Keeping Your Family Healthy One Tooth at Time

When it comes to your family’s oral health, much depends on their oral hygiene habits. For example, does your little one know how to brush his or her teeth properly? Does your wife or husband floss regularly? Do they know which type of floss to use? Finally, does your family have access to routine dental care through an affordable dental plan?

Grasping the basics of proper dental care promotes oral health for not only yourself, but also everyone in your household. The following is brief list of the basics of proper dental care and how to choose the best dental coverage for your loved ones.

Surprisingly, the most important part of oral health care starts with the dentist. Each family member should visit the dentist for routine dental cleanings and exams at least once a year. Regular dental visits will help to prevent and treat all types of dental problems, from cavities to mild gum disease. However, getting your kids to the dentist is easier said than paid for. You will need to cancel individual dental insurance and opt for a family dental plan tailored to your family’s needs and budget.

In addition to routine dentist visits, there are other ways to help promote your family’s oral health, including teaching proper oral hygiene habits. For example, the American Dentist Association recommends that individuals brush thoroughly at least twice a day using a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. It is also important to replace the toothbrush regularly; every three to four months, as recommended by the American Dental Association.

Another important part of oral hygiene is flossing. Flossing helps clean the tight areas not reachable with a toothbrush. According to the American Dental Association, an individual should floss one tooth at a time. Gently scrape off plaque and rub the floss against all sides of the tooth. It is also important to use new floss for every tooth.

To promote oral health for the entire family, find family dental plans along with student dental insurance (if you have children in college) today.

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