Dental and Vision Insurance – Why the Best Dental Insurance Includes Both

If you are looking for the very best dental insurance, you should be looking for a plan that allows you to bundle your dental and vision insurance together. In fact, that’s a major selling point in the insurance world!

But why is it so important?

Here’s why:

1. You need both of them

Under many company-sponsored health insurance plans, insurance for dental and vision coverage isn’t included anymore. Unfortunately, you still need both types of coverage if you don’t want to spend a chunk of money the next time you need a cavity filled or the next time you need a new pair of glasses.

2. It is cheaper to bundle them together

As cheap as dental and vision insurance are, you can actually save even more money by bundling them together! In fact, some insurance companies will even bundle the monthly payments for you – so that instead of having to write two premium checks, you will only have to write one.

3. You could wind up with better coverage by combining the two

Because you can save so much money by combining your dental and vision insurance, you can actually afford to opt for more extensive coverage. Whether you choose plans with lower deductibles, cheaper copays, or plans that cover more extensive services, the money you save can be used to pay for extra coverage that you wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise.

4.The big insurance companies offer them

Afraid that combining your dental and vision insurance together means having to deal with some kind of second-tier insurance company? Think again! The companies that offer insurance for dental and vision purposes are also the big ones. When you bundle your coverage, you can work with some of the world’s biggest insurance companies – like Aetna, Humana, and Delta Dental.

And, as an added benefit, some of the best dental insurance companies will even throw in the vision coverage for free when you buy specific dental policies!

5. You can get combinations that apply to a discount dental plan

You don’t necessarily have to opt for the traditional fee-for-service dental plan in order to combine your dental and vision insurance together. In fact, you can take advantage of many of the same benefits through a discount dental plan.

When you combine coverage on a discount dental plan, it works just like a traditional discount plan. You will pay an annual fee, and, in return, you will get a discount card that will fetch you benefits on both your dental and vision services and treatments.

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