Dental and Vision Insurance – What’s the Point of Buying Them Together

Dental and vision insurance – chances are your company doesn’t offer either one as part of its benefits package anymore. However, you still need them both, so you’re left to find your own coverage. If you want to get the best possible coverage – at the most affordable rate – you should buy both policies together, from the same company.
What’s so great about doing that?

But your dental and vision insurance together, and you’ll get to take advantage of:

1. Lower premium payments

When an insurance company knows it’s going to get two premium payments from you every month, it’s going to cut you a deal. By purchasing your dental and vision insurance from the same company, you can take advantage of lower premiums payments every month – without having to sacrifice good coverage to get it!

For some people, those lower premium payments mean being able to afford insurance that you wouldn’t have been able to on your own. For example, you can feel free to get that high-quality dental PPO, instead of settling for a discount dental plan.

2. Premiums that are locked-in
Many times, when you buy dental plan insurance all by itself – or virtually any type of insurance, for that matter – you have to deal with premiums that increase every year. But when you buy dental and vision insurance together, many companies will lock-in your premium rates for a few years. That way, you don’t have to sit there and worry that your dental PPO is going to become too expensive a year from now.

3. Additional coverage at no extra charge

The rewards of buying dental and vision insurance together don’t just come in the form of lower premium payments. You may also get rewarded by getting additional coverage thrown into your vision or dental plan insurance, at no extra charge. For example, your discount dental plan might add discounts for braces into the mix, or your vision plan may come with better coverage for contact lenses.

Even if your insurance company doesn’t offer it to you right off the bat, you have nothing to lose by asking them if they’ll throw in some extra perks if you buy your dental and vision insurance together.

4. Only having to deal with one insurance company

If you buy your dental plan insurance from one company and your vision coverage from someone else, you have to deal with two of everything – two different companies, two different customer service centers, and two different ways of doing business. But by purchasing your dental and vision insurance from the same place, you can get issues resolved on both policies with one phone call.

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