Dental and Vision Insurance – What Do You Get Out of Bundling Them

It’s one of the most common things in the insurance industry – “bundling” two policies, also known as getting two policies from the same company. It’s a practice that has become especially common with dental and vision insurance, but what’s the point of doing it?

When you get your dental and vision coverage from the same insurance company, you get to take advantage of these 5 perks:

1. You get to save money

This is, by far, the biggest perk to bundling your dental and vision insurance. After all, you need both types of coverage anyway, so why wouldn’t you save yourself money?
Luckily, insurance companies are happy to offer customers vision and dental plans at a reduced rate, because it means they’ll be getting two premium checks from you every month. Even though both are at a reduced rate, they’re still profits that your insurance company couldn’t have counted on before.

Even though dental and vision insurance aren’t prohibitively expensive on their own, bundling them together could instantly turn “average” dental plan insurance into a low cost dental plan!

2. You can get better coverage

Since you’ll be saving money on both policies, you can afford to get better coverage. You may opt for individual dental coverage that has a lower deductible, vision coverage that includes free eye exams, or dental plan insurance also that covers orthodontic work.

3. You can take advantage of any plan

Insurance companies offer to bundle dental and vision insurance on all sorts of different plans – so you can take advantage of the perks whether you’re on a family or individual dental plan, or even a low cost dental plan! Since insurance companies are so interested in the extra business, they’ll be more than happy to bundle your coverage, no matter what kind of plan you have.

4. You only have to deal with one company

When you buy dental and vision insurance together, you only have to deal with one insurance company – meaning that your calls to their customer service department can fetch you answers on both plans. The key, though, is to find a company that’s a pleasure to work with. Otherwise, you’ll be frustrated over two policies!

5. You get peace of mind

You may not sit around and think of dental and vision insurance on a regular basis, but it’s nice to know that they’re there when you need them. The next time you chip a tooth or break your glasses, you’ll be happy that you had the foresight to get affordable coverage!

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