Affordable Full Dental Insurance Coverage — Here’s How to Get It

If you’re willing to spend some time doing your homework, you can find full dental insurance coverage that meets all of your specific needs — without breaking your budget. But to do it, you’ll need to consider some not-so-traditional options.

Here are 3 popular options that can give you the coverage you need, without forcing you to cut corners:

1. Bundle your dental and vision insurance together

If you’re like most people, your employer-sponsored benefits package doesn’t include dental or vision insurance anymore. Since you’re in the market for both, why not save some money on them?

That’s exactly what you get to do when you bundle two policies together!

“Bundling” is the insurance term for buying two policies from the same company. As a result, you get a discount on both of them — usually in the form of lower premiums.

That way, both your dental and vision insurance can instantly become more affordable. If you want, you can even take your savings and use them to bump up to a more comprehensive plan!

2. Look into dental indemnity insurance

These policies work a little bit differently than traditional full dental insurance coverage, but in the end, you wind up getting the same benefits — and then some. With dental indemnity insurance, you pay for all of your dental services and treatments, then get reimbursed by your insurance company.

What’s so great about that?

Because you’re fronting money, dental indemnity insurance provides you with rewards you typically can’t get with traditional full dental insurance coverage. For example, you might not be restricted to a list of approved providers. Or, you might have lower deductibles to meet. You also might have lower copays and coinsurance rates — so that, in the end, you wind up spending less money.

3. Take advantage of your student status

If you’re a full-time student, you can qualify for full dental insurance coverage at a reduced rate, thanks to student dental insurance policies!

Originally, you could only get student dental insurance through your college or university. But once private companies saw how popular these policies were, they started offering them, too. Now, there’s a ton of competition — meaning you can take advantage of even better discounts and perks! In the end, you’ll wind up with the coverage you need for as long as you’re in school. That way, you can worry about your next term paper — instead of how you’re going to pay for that root canal! specializes in giving you the coverage you need, at a price you can afford.

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