Affordable Dental Coverage – How You Can Get It

How do you get affordable dental coverage? It’s the question that everyone has!

The key to getting a plan you can afford – without having to cut back on the coverage you need – is to do your homework. Figure out what kind of coverage you need, and compare plans until you see a price that you’re comfortable with.

Want to make things easier on yourself?
By taking advantage of the following 3 tips, you can have more options – meaning you don’t have to settle for the first plan that comes along:

1.Opt for a family plan over individual dental insurance
If you’ve got a wife and kids, individual dental insurance may not be the most cost-effective option. After all, they all need a dental plan, too! You can probably get the most affordable dental coverage by grouping everyone together and getting a family plan.

2.Get a discount dental plan

Your affordable dental coverage doesn’t necessarily have to come in the form of traditional dental insurance. Instead, a discount dental plan may be a much better option for you.

In a discount dental plan, you still have to pay for part of your treatment and services – but you get them at a big discount. You may get 50% or 60% off of a routine teeth cleaning, or 30% off of your x-rays.

Why is this a better option than individual dental insurance?

A discount dental plan is much cheaper than traditional insurance. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find discount plans that cost less than $100 for the entire year! Plus, there’s not deductible – like you find in many traditional dental insurance plans. And, you can even add your family onto your discount plan if you want to.

3.Bundle your dental insurance with other services
If you find the right plan, dental insurance doesn’t have to be expensive – but you can save even more money by combining your dental plan with other services, like vision care. Buying two plans at once will usually give you a “bulk” discount with your insurance company. After all, they know they’re going to get two premium checks from you every month, so they will be much more likely to cut you a deal.

And, you don’t have to settle for an individual dental insurance plan to take advantage of bundling. It’s an option that your entire family can take advantage of.
By bundling your insurance plans, you are getting the coverage you need – at a price you can afford!

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