3 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Their Sports Uniforms

Got a team full of young athletes? Follow these tips.

Having a team chock full of tiny athletes can bring extra challenges. In addition to making sure they perform their very best, you’ve got to keep them motivated — even more so than their older counterparts.
And, when you’re dealing with young kids, that motivation starts with something as simple as their sports uniforms. Luckily, by following these 3 tips, you can make sure your athletes are excited from the moment they get dressed:

1. Look for a retailer that has pro-like designs
If your team can put on youth baseball pants that remind them of their favorite major league team’s uniforms every weekend, they’ll be a whole lot more excited than if they just have boring white or gray pants.
But how do you do that without breaking your budget?
Look for important details!
A great uniform retailer will offer great details that don’t cost an arm and a leg — like pinstripes or piping down the side of the leg. That way, your youth baseball pants will look totally professional, but they won’t come with a professional price tag!

2. Opt for better fabric
If you look at basketball team uniforms online, you’ll see that there are (literally) millions of fabric options. Considering that your team is probably going to play in an air-conditioned gym, you don’t have to worry about Mother Nature.
Instead, you have to worry about how your players feel.
Most of today’s basketball team uniforms (even the ones for pint-sized players!) come with fabric that’s designed to pull moisture away from the surface of your skin. That way, your players won’t feel like they’re being dragged down by sweat as the run up and down the court. However, some of that fabric feels better than others. That’s because some of it is specially-designed to feel softer and smoother.
Luckily for you, there isn’t a big price difference! In fact, the difference from the “lower end” of the spectrum to the “higher end” is only a few dollars. Even the tiniest of team budgets can spring for that!

3. Get your logos sewn on
There’s a big difference between logos that are printed on and sewn on. It doesn’t take long for those pre-printed softball uniforms to start chipping and looking terrible — leaving your young players feeling second-rate.
Luckily, a good uniform retailer will make it affordable to have your team logo sewn on! (In fact, you can usually count on only having to spend a few extra dollars per item to have the logo sewn on.) That way, your softball uniforms will have a more elegant feel to them — and your pint-sized players will naturally feel better every time they put them on.

Big or small, the team at All Sports Uniforms can make your athletes look great!

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