3 Tips for Getting the Best Sports Uniforms

No matter what sport your team plays, these tips can help.

OK, so you don’t have the budget of a professional sports team — but you still want your athletes to look good. After all, when they look their best, they play their best!
So, how do you make the most out of your sports uniform budget?

1. Be mindful of the weather
If it’s incredibly hot and humid where you live, getting thick and heavy softball jerseys is a big mistake. Your athletes are going to wind up getting weighed down by their uniforms!
Instead, focus on uniforms that work WITH your local temperatures. For example, you can get track uniforms that are made out of light mesh. That way, your athletes will be able to stay cool, so that they can keep all of their focus on crossing the finish line.
In some cases, you can even make the weather work FOR you. For example, some softball jerseys are specially-designed to pull moisture away from the surface of the skin. That way, when your players sweat, their jerseys will act as a cooling mechanism. As a result, they won’t overheat during even the most sweltering of afternoon games!

2. Go reversible whenever you can
Uniform retailers won’t offer this as an option for every single sports (it seems to be most popular for basketball uniforms and soccer uniforms), but you need to take advantage of it whenever you can because it will save you a ton of money! Sure, you might have to pay a little bit extra per piece to get reversible basketball uniforms, but you’ll wind up saving money in the end — because you won’t have to buy separate home and away uniforms.
As an added benefit, reversible uniforms tend to be a little more durable than their one-sided counterparts, so the odds of you having to replace them as frequently are slim. Just like that, you’ve come up with another way to save money!
In fact, you can take some of your savings and put it towards fancier reversible uniforms. That way, your players can look extra-sharp, and no one will know you’re really getting a deal!

3. Don’t forget about warm ups
Some sports require special warm up clothing. For example, track athletes like to keep their muscles warm and limber — so they like to wear warm up suits up until the last second. Then, they change into their smaller track uniforms right before they head to the starting blocks.
As a result, you’ll need to keep warm up suits in your budget, so that everyone looks coordinated as soon as they step onto the team bus.

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