3 Things Every Good Sports Uniform Should Have

Basketball uniforms, track uniforms, and baseball jerseys may look totally different to fans, but if you’re the one responsible for buying them, there’s a lot you need to know – no matter what sport you’re coaching.

No matter what kind of sport you’re involved with, good uniforms will come with these 3 things:

1. Fabric that’s weather-appropriate

It doesn’t matter whether your particular sport is played during the winter or the summer – if your athletes are uncomfortable, it’s going to affect how they perform out on the field. For example, most track uniforms are designed to be light, because track is a spring sport. Baseball jerseys, however, need to be a little bit thicker – since baseball season starts when it’s still cold out, goes through the spring, and ends in the chilly fall. Even good basketball jerseys need to be comfortable enough to weather a game outside, or a game in an ice-cold gym.

Bottom line – if your athletes are either too hot or too cold in their uniforms, you can’t expect them to bring their “A game”.

2. Sturdy stitching

Sports uniforms go through a lot, so they have to be better-equipped to handle a lot of wear and tear.

Basketball jerseys, for example, need to be able to withstand a hard foul or a jump ball. Baseball jerseys need to be able to handle a hard slide into second base or a play at the plate. Track uniforms need to be able to stay together when you’re flinging yourself over the high jump bar or running the hurdles.

After all, the last thing you want is for your sports uniforms to rip right in the heat of battle!

3. A variety of colors and designs to choose from
Whether you’re coaching Little Leaguers or professional athletes, you need sports uniforms that are available in all kinds of different colors and designs. After all, if an athlete thinks he looks good, it’s going to give him a shot of confidence – and it’s going to show out on the field.

In some cases, having flashy uniforms can even help “psych out” the other team. For example, if your varsity athletes step off the bus in their bright basketball uniforms, the other team won’t be able to help but be impressed!

Sometimes, you’ll even need different designs for athletes in the same sport! For example, your sprinters may want track uniforms that are skin-tight, while your javelin thrower might want something a little looser.

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