With Its Beauty and Resilience Its No Wonder that Wicker Furniture Is Beloved Around the Globe

Certain redecorating goals call for nothing more than the purchase, and careful arrangement, of a few replacement cushions for beloved dining room chairs. But other occasions demand that more drastic measures be taken, like starting all over again. The truth is that growing tired of a style that’s been with you for a good chunk of time is one of the most widely heard reasons for why redecorating a living or work space becomes suddenly essential and of topmost urgency.

When times change, or when living in what for all intents and purposes is a dated room becomes intolerable, personally and socially, people reach out for a new style.

But one area of home design that has endured as a perennial favorite among those who care about their home’s appearance is the collecting of sea grass, rattan, and wicker furniture. They’re not just ideal as sunroom furniture, they also serve to add flair and polish to bedrooms, family rooms, and kitchens. The useful objects that can be created with strong and supple materials like sea grass, junco, and rattan overwhelm all attempts to count them.

If you have the fortune to be staring a home decorating project from scratch, you know all too well that the limitless possibilities offered by the blank canvass that an entirely new room represents. The upside of the entire situation in underscored by the fact that the experience will not have to include the sometimes-melancholy task of deciding which old furnishing to toss, give away, or store. To fill in and give polished dimension to new spaces, the introduction of rattan wicker furniture is a time-honored tradition.

That factoid can be attributed to the general ease with which well-designed, and well-constructed wicker furniture can be found. The popularity of these special furniture pieces is broadly spread because weaving has been a fundamental craft in virtually every culture. Today, modern resin and resin wicker furniture is characterized by its comfort, and the ambience of airiness and lightness it creates. So many people around the world, living in the most diverse of climates, cannot be wrong. Wicker furniture is an aesthetically pleasing and a smart investment for any home.

Sam Walters is a writer living in Los Angeles. Her writing appears in print and online.

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