Why Medallions Work in Any Home

We’ve all watched those home edition DIY and make-over shows. Perhaps you saw some beautiful furniture or decorative pieces that you absolutely loved but swore would never look good in your home. The reality is that there is a multitude of ways to liven up and renovate the look of your home, without spending your entire retirement fund.
One such way is introducing a medallion into the mix.

Before you assume that you need to live in a mansion to consider such things, think again! The addition of a marble floor medallion looks great in homes and properties of all shapes and sizes. If a floor medallion doesn’t suit your all-carpet home, consider instead a ceiling medallion. Also, many kitchens and dining rooms that utilize tile on the walls can employ medallions to add an ornate touch. For example, medallions look incredible above stovetops.

With the insertion of a medallion, you can transform a plain, boring ceiling, wall, or floor into a glamorous and classy focal point. Add a chandelier as well and you might just confuse your humble abode for the Ritz Carlton. Historically, a medallion was paired with a chandelier in order to keep the ceiling from burning. However, not every home today is suited for a chandelier.

Evaluate the dimensions and look of the room before inserting both a medallion and chandelier. Rooms with high ceilings can usually sport both without looking too gaudy.
There are all different kinds of styles and designs. From floral designs to stars to Renaissance-esque, there is a medallion for every home. A compass medallion will look great in living rooms with high ceilings and marble floors.
It is important to also consider the size and style that best fits the look of your entire home.

An extremely lavish, humongous medallion might not look right in your tiny kitchen. However, a simple, colorful medallion may just add a nice bit of glamour to that same room. The key is to find a medallion that is proportioned to the room and other decorations in order to get the desired look you’re seeking.

The wonderful thing about medallions today, as opposed to say the Baroque Era, is that you no longer have to worry about a heavy, delicate plaster that will easily fall apart. Today, medallions are made from a variety of materials and are much sturdier than their past counterparts. Many medallions are now made incredibly lightweight depending on the material used. Most medallions can be installed DIY.
Medallion Depot is a manufacturer of decorative medallions, including custom designs. Look at their website for more information.

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